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What Is Healthy Theology? A 10-Part Snapshot

What Is Healthy Theology? A 10-Part Snapshot

This series explains the title of our website–“healthy theology.” What is theology, and why is it important? What does theology have to do with reading the Bible or learning about God? How does church tradition relate to my present experience? How can churches maintain the unity of the faith in the midst of conflicting views? Find out what healthy theology is all about.

Part 1: Theology Matters

Part 2: Discerning & Prioritizing Bible Doctrine

Part 3: Recognizing The Need For Interpretation

Part 4: Appreciating Orthodoxy

Part 5: Believing Well

Part 6: Reading Well

Part 7: Thinking Well

Part 8: Living Well

Part 9: Disagreeing Well

Part 10: Loving Well

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