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My Favorite Online Lessons (3): Spiritual Formation and Christian Discipleship

My Favorite Online Lessons (3): Spiritual Formation and Christian Discipleship


Faith and Doubt
Josh Graves, The Big Questions: How Do You Know What You Know?
Josh Graves, The Big Questions: Faith and Doubt.
Sam Wells, The Dance of Faith (text)
Personal Struggles: Viewing Trials, Disappointments, and Suffering Through Christ
John Mark Hicks, Yet Will I Trust In Him: Trusting God In The Storms of Life (7 parts).
Sam Wells, God Meant It For Good
Sam Wells, We Had Hoped
Sam Wells, You Have Ruined My Life
Sam Wells, Shaking the Dust
Sam Wells, Eye of the Storm
Sam Wells, The Forgiveness of Sins & Life Everlasting (text)
Sam Wells, Absalom, My Son, My Son
Personal Experience: Knowing God and Internalizing the Message
Dallas Willard, On Eating Flesh & Drinking Blood: Substance of Jesus Through His Word
Tim Keller, Beholding the Love of God.
Joe Beam, Forgiven Forever. Parts one, two, and three.
Tim Keller, The History of Grace.
Personal Decision-Making: Choosing Discernment, Maturity, Ethics, and Obedience
Os Guinness, Calling: Finding and Fulfilling the Purpose of Your Life
Os Guinness, Calling: Re-Imagining Our Place In God’s Plan (video)
Os Guinness, Follow Me: Two Words that Changed the World
Os Guinness, Serving God In Our Generation
Os Guinness, Not Missing A Moment. Here and here (S080316).
Os Guinness, Serving God’s Purpose In Our Generation
Os Guinness, No way either way
Sam Wells, What’s The Point of Being Good?
Sam Wells, Where Are You Staying?
Sam Wells, How To Be A Human Being (Mandela)
Sam Wells, Even The Dogs
Monte Cox, From the Inside Out
Sam Wells, Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?
Jim McGuiggan, Living By the Rules
Randy Harris, Discernment: Is He Calling Me?
Tim Keller, How the Gospel Changes us.
Tim Keller, God’s Law.
Dallas Willard, What Your University Wont Teach You (choosing to become a good person)
Relinquishing Our Idols
Sam Wells, Leaving and Gaining Paradise.
Tim Keller, Blessed Self-Forgetfulness
Tim Keller, The Breastplate of Self-Righteousness
Tim Keller, The Man The King Delights To Honor
Tim Keller, The Problem of Blessing
Tim Keller, Your Plans/God’s Plans
Tim Keller, Hope and Money
Tim Keller, Perfect Freedom
Tim Keller, Removing Idols of the Heart
Tim Keller, The Two Great Tests
Tim Keller, Greed: The Case of the Rich Young Ruler
Tim Keller, The Struggle for Love
Practicing The Presence of God: Spiritual Disciplines
Dallas Willard, Spiritual Disciplines (3 recordings)
Sam Wells, Three Ways To Pray
Spiritual Formation: Embracing the Fruit of the Spirit
Dallas Willard, Workshop on Spiritual Formation, Pt (1) The Need for Spiritual Formation
Dallas Willard, Workshop on Spiritual Formation, Pt (2) Case Studies in Anger, Contempt, & Cultivated Lust

Dallas Willard, Workshop on Spiritual Formation, Pt (3) Living in 1 Corinthians 13
Dallas Willard, Workshop on Spiritual Formation, Pt (4) Establish & Lead Disciples
Dallas Willard, “Hearing God” Series (6 sessions, followed by Q & A). (Birmingham, AL 2011)
Tim Keller, The Love of Jesus.
Kevin Youngblood, Holiness in Exile. How holiness is not standing aloof and isolated
Families In the Image of God
Monte Cox, Modern Family.
Patrick Mead, One Another: Husbands & Wives.
Justin Gerhardt, In This Together. 4 Parts.
Trey Morgan, Seven Things Wives Wished Their Husbands Knew.
Trey Morgan, Seven Things Husbands Wished Their Wives Knew.
Joe Beam. Becoming One: Emotionally, Spiritually, Sexually. Parts one, two, and three.
Mike Cope, Teaching Your Kids To Dance. 4 parts. Videos posted here. Scroll to June 30, 2015.
Dallas Willard, Fathers & Sons (Panorama Full Gospel Foursquare Church, 1990)

Called To Serve
Sam Wells, For Such A Time as This (text)
Monte Cox, Spirit-Driven Service
Randy Harris, Church Must Leave The Building
Tim Keller, The Church Before the Watching World
Called To Witness
Monte Cox, Spirit-Driven Witness
Harold Shank, Listening To His Heartbeat
Called To Justice: Humanitarianism & Reconciliation In Practice
Sam Wells, The Repairer of the Breach
Sam Wells, Hungry and Afraid (humanitarian/evangelistic)
Sam Wells, Beyond Justice (approaches to Justice)

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