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My Favorite Online Lessons (1): Introducing the Gospel

My Favorite Online Lessons (1): Introducing the Gospel

For God So Loved The World…
Jim McGuiggan, O Worship the King! Parts one, two, and three.
Tim Keller’s Prodigal God series (from Luke 15). Part one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven.
…That He Gave His One And Only Son
Billy Wilson, One of Us
Billy Wilson, The Selflessness of Christ
Tim Keller, The Final Hour.
Tim Keller, Become A Little Child.
Tim Keller, A Spirit Hath Not Flesh And Bones.
Sam Wells, The Resurrection and the Life.
Sam Wells, The Forgiveness of Sins & Life Everlasting (text).
Sam Wells, What Is Truth?
Sam Wells, If Christ Is Risen (text).
Monte Cox, I Want To Know Christ.
Kevin Youngblood, The Heart of the Matter

Humility: You Can’t Save Yourself; Accepting His Finished Work
Rick Atchley, Get Off The Scales.
Tim Keller, Entering His Rest.
Tim Keller, Inside-Out Living.
Tim Keller, The New Birth.
Tim Keller, Justified By Faith.
Tim Keller, Justified Sinners.
Tim Keller, The Prodigal Sons.
Sign & Surrender: Yielding Our Hearts, Bodies, and Souls As Faith Response
N T Wright, NT Wright On The Meaning Of Baptism
Randy Harris, A Sermon on Baptism
John Mark Hicks, Baptism: Mere Ritual? (recording silent from 30:00-41:20)
Trust: Obedience of Faith and Reliance on the Spirit
Billy Wilson, God Will Finish It
Monte Cox, The Holy Spirit Is Our Source.
Monte Cox, The Just Try Harder Heresy.
Jim McGuiggan, Living By the Rules.
Tim Keller, The Church Before the Watching World

How the Gospel Changes…Everything!
Tim Keller, What Is The Gospel?
Tim Keller, The Gospel.
Tim Keller, How the Gospel Changes Us.
Sam Wells, Time To Come Home.
The Personal Dimension: Embracing A New Personal Perspective
Tim Keller, The Sickness Unto Death.
Tim Keller, Hope for the World.
Tim Keller, Born Into Hope.
Tim Keller, Hope For Your Life.
Tim Keller, The Gospel and Yourself.
Tim Keller, War Between Your Selves.
Tim Keller, When I Survey.
Tim Keller, Union With Christ.
The Corporate Dimension: The Shared Life of Faith
Sam Wells, Sharing the Joy of God.
Monte Cox, If You Love Me, You’ll Love the Church.
Tony Campolo, Church: God’s Instrument For Changing the World.
The Global Dimension: Justice, Mission, and the Ministry of Reconciliation
Sam Wells, For Such A Time as This (text)
Monte Cox, Spirit-Driven Service
Randy Harris, Church Must Leave The Building

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