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My Favorite Online Lessons (4): Christian Apologetics

My Favorite Online Lessons (4): Christian Apologetics

Apologetics 315. See especially their audio and podcast collection.
Apologetics Canada
Phil Vaz
Stand to Reason

Greg Boyd
Gordon H. Clark
John Clayton
William Lane Craig. Debates and speech videos.
Douglas Groothuis
Gary Habermas
Tim Keller
Peter Kreeft
C. S. Lewis
Alister McGrath. See also here.
J. P. Moreland
Lee Strobel
Richard Swinburne
Frank Turek
Dallas Willard. See also the Dallas Willard Center for Spiritual Formation.

C. S. Lewis Institute Basic Apologetics Course (by Dr. Art Lindsley)
Dallas Willard, Apologetics in the Manner of Jesus (Grace Church, Los Alamitos, 1990)

What Are Apologetics & Christian Evidences?
Douglas Groothuis, Nature of Apologetics. Parts one and two.
Advocating The Use of Apologetics for Christians
Os Guinness, An Apology for Apologetics
William Lane Craig, Christian Apologetics: Who Needs It? (video)
William Lane Craig, The Foundations of Christian Doctrine (Part 2)
Dallas Willard, Jesus As A Logician and Apologist
Developing An Apologetic Mindset
Douglas Groothuis, Developing An Apologetic Mind. Parts one and two.

Worldviews: How Fundamental Claims Affect How We See The World
Os Guinness, A Time For Questions
Dallas Willard, Truth & Q&A (Feeding the Homeless Mind, UCLA 1992)
John Clayton, Why Are We Here?
Douglas Groothuis, Wordviews, Truth and Knowledge. Parts one and two.
Douglas Groothuis, Truth and Knowledge
Douglas Groothuis, Conventionalism
Douglas Groothuis, Testing Worldviews
Ken Boa, Postmodernism
Ken Boa, Three World Views: Humanism, Transcendentalism and Theism
What Atheism and Secularism Have To Offer
William Lane Craig, Is Life Without God Absurd?
William Lane Craig, The Absurdity of Life without God (video)
Douglas Groothuis, Atheism
Truth, Meaning, and Purpose: What Christianity Offers
Os Guinness, Francis Schaeffer’s ‘True Truth’
Tim Keller, Absolutism: Don’t We All Have To Find Truth For Ourselves?
Tim Keller, A Reason for Living.
Tim Keller, Noah and the Reasons of Faith: Faith as Understanding.
General Responses To Atheism
John Clayton, Why I Left Atheism. Parts one and two.
Common Objections To Christianity
Tim Keller, Literalism: Isn’t the Bible historically unreliable and regressive?
Tim Keller, Injustice: Hasn’t Christianity Been An Instrument for Oppression?
Tim Keller, Hell: Isn’t the God of Christianity an Angry Judge?
Alister McGrath, Has Science Eliminated God?
Tim Keller, How Can There Be Just One True Religion?
Ken Boa, Isn’t Christianity Just a Psychological Crutch?
Ken Boa, If Christianity Is True, Why Are There So Many Hypocrites?
What Keeps People From Faith?
Tim Keller, The God Who Is.
Sam Wells, Do You Want To Be Healed?

Introductory Material: What’s Involved in Making A Positive Case For God?
Douglas Groothuis, Natural Theology
How Can We Know Religious Truth?: Religious Epistemology
William Lane Craig, Workshop on Religious Epistemology
The Existence of God
William Lane Craig, The Existence of God (Defenders Class) (thirty-five parts)
Douglas Groothuis, Apologetics Series & notes
Ken Boa, Does God Really Exist? Parts one and two.
Douglas Groothuis, Cosmological Arguments. Parts one, two, and three.
John Clayton, The Beginning
Douglas Groothuis, Design Arguments. Parts one, two, three, and four.
John Clayton, Intuitive Design
John Clayton, Architectural Design
John Clayton, Design or Chance?
Douglas Groothuis, God and Moral Meaning. Parts one, two, and three.
John Clayton, Morality’s Proof of God.
Douglas Groothuis, Argument from Religious Experience
Douglas Groothuis, Pascal’s Wager
Miracles and the Resurrection of Jesus
Douglas Groothuis, Miracles. Parts one and two
Ken Boa, Why Believe in Miracles? Parts one, two, three, and four 
Douglas Groothuis, Claims of Jesus and the Resurrection
The Trustworthiness of the Bible
Douglas Groothuis, Reliability of the New Testament. Parts one, two, and three.
Ken Boa, Is the Bible Really Trustworthy? Audio: Parts one and two; Video: Parts one and two.
John Clayton, Why The Bible?
Tim Keller, Literalism: Isn’t the Bible historically unreliable and regressive?
Dirk Jongkind, Can We Take The Bible Literally?

Dealing With Pain, Evil, and Suffering: Barriers to God?
William Lane Craig, The Problem of Evil (Defenders Class) (3 parts).
Douglas Groothuis, God and the Problem of Evil. Parts one and two.
Ken Boa, Why Do the Innocent Suffer? Parts one and two.
Tim Keller, Suffering: If God Is Good, Why Is There So Much Evil in the World?
John Clayton, The Problem of Human Suffering
Science, Creation, Evolution, and Christianity
William Lane Craig, Creation and Evolution (Defenders Class) (twenty-one parts)
William Lane Craig, Should We Only Believe What Is Scientifically Proven? (Video)
Alister McGrath, New Atheism–New Apologetics: Science In Christian Apologetics
John Walton, Reading Genesis 1 with Ancient Eyes.itunes or youtube
Denis Alexander (Director, Faraday Institute), Evolution & the Church
Calvin College seminar: Faith & Science: A Dialogue (3 speakers)
Douglas Groothuis, Intelligent Design and Science. Parts one and two
John Clayton. 4-part series: Evolution, The Age of Things, The Sequence of Genesis 1, & The Animals of Genesis 1
Christians In Science: resources
Christianity and Religious Pluralism
Douglas Groothuis, Religious Pluralism and Exclusivism
Ken Boa, How Can Christ Be The Only Way To God? Parts one and two.
Ken Boa, Will God Judge Those Who Never Heard About Christ? Parts one and two.
John Clayton, Which God Should We Serve?
Tim Keller, How Can There Be Just One True Religion?

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